Our goal is to increase your Amazon revenue profitably and predictably.

PPC advertising -  Professional advertising campaign management from our expert Amazon PPC team.

Organic search -  analyze Amazon listings to ensure the keywords are optimized to drive the maximum amount of traffic to the listing.

Amazon promotion -  promotional options such as Lightning Deals and Deal of the Day are great way to drive incremental sales and long term growth for a brand.

Value Propositions

Increase Revenue

Setting brands up for success by making sure their story and mission are articulated properly and prominently displayed.

Product reviews -  a lot of customers rely on Amazon ratings before they make purchase decision. Negative product reviews impact not only online sales but also sales in physical stores. Our professional team and software help improve both the quality and quantity of your product reviews.

Enhanced brand content (EBC) -  we can help you add EBC to differentiate your products, and to build a loyal following.

Brand Building

We position you ahead of trends, not following. With our Amazon selling experience, we can help you better understand online trend.

Marketplace Analytics

Optimized product listings can have a huge impact on conversion and your total Amazon revenue.

Listing Optimization

Catalog Management

An organized, optimized catalog, free of duplicates and variations that detract from a brand's core offering.

We have program to monitor MAP violators and help protect your brands from counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.

Channel Management